Can meditation make you more attractive

Can meditation make you more attractive

I’m specifically going to discuss meditation because it includes mindfulness as well.

Yes, it actually does. (I’m interpreting the word attractive as being attractive as a person, not necessarily sexual attractiveness. That said, some people could find the following changes sexually attractive.)


  1. It enhances the best of your inner qualities and infuses a generous dose of calmness in your mind, system. You face slowly begins to glow with calmness. People like looking at you more.
  2. When you become comfortable with who you are (a side effect of meditation) you begin to relax. It leads to fewer wrinkles.
  3. You smile a lot more because you feel like you have a secret treasure inside that no one can have but you. Your smile starts to reflect joyousness. In my experience, I’ve seen a great, positive response from people, strangers even, when I smile (offers for small civic courtesies top the list). This has been one of the easiest and lasting effects of meditation.
  4. You don’t feel the need to eat to make up for emotional losses of any sort. So you start to look and feel healthy. Eventually you being to ooze a kind of natural confidence.
  5. Your flow of breath becomes even, having a positive effect on your respiratory and circulatory system. The immediate effects (minimum 6 months of meditation) are seen on the skin. It starts to get smooth. (This has been my experience. It could vary from person to person depending on the quality of meditation).
  6. Eventually you begin to draw the right influences to yourself - people, resources etc.

These are the points that come to mind immediately.

If you manifest them, who, in their right mind, wouldn’t be attracted to you?

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