What does it feel like to become spiritually awakened?

What does it feel like to become spiritually awakened?

When we talk about spiritual awakening, we are referring to Enlightenment is actually Living Love, Peace, Joy, Goodness, Kindness, Beauty, Creativity, Compassion (Passion for All), Wisdom, Truth, in each and every moment of daily life.

Enlightenment is actually being in Total Communication, Communion, Connection, Relationship with everyone and everything.

Totally Free from stories, experiences, knowledge, images.

Totally Free from fear, anxiety, personal sorrow, hatred, loneliness, inner conflicts, inner contradictions, jealousy, envy, greed, possessiveness, competitiveness, and attachments.

Totally Free from beliefs, philosophies, ideologies, theories, opinions, perspectives, biases, prejudices, nationality, and identifications.

Totally Free from the I, the me, the self, and the so-called True or Higher Self.

Totally Free of thousands of years of past conditioning of the brain.

All of which limit, color, shape & distort Perception, which prevents Lucidity.

They who are Totally Enlightened actually treat everyone, without exception, with the same intensity and quality of care and affection that you would give your dearest closest friend, lover, or child, without any sense of division, separation or distance and without an iota of bias or prejudice, in each and every moment of their daily life.

 It is a relief like someone is lifting a 50lbs backpack off your shoulders. One you didn’t know you were carrying.

There is a sudden lightness to it, a lightness to your thoughts, emotions, and being in general. The lightness persists.

It also feels alone. You can feel like the most lonely being in the universe. Usually, that feeling doesn’t persist.

It can feel disillusioning. As you see how your mind & emotional setup work, everything can seem predestined and out of your control. This seeing may produce a sense that it doesn’t matter what you do. Hence, you stop doing and instead let yourself sink into the unmanifest/void/silent inner space. In Zen, they call it void sickness, and most traditions encourage that you get back into the game and participate actively in life (to prevent depression and lethargy). This passes as well but may take several years.

It’s full of joy. Even in the darkest of moments, there is this all-pervading joy and sense, that everything is always alright.

It can feel confusing. Since you can’t do anything with it, to what use is it? It doesn’t pay rent, which will trouble those inclined to practicality. Sure the world is full of stories on “How I got there.” Yet, no-one has produced a reliable and reproducible path that guarantees success.

Eventually, you get used to it, until a point where it fades away, and you never really think about it (unless someone asks). Now the experience is digested, and you can move on to something else.

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