10 signs of twin flame sexual energy

10 signs of twin flame sexual energy

1. Intense Magnetism and Chemistry: At the first meeting, there is an overwhelmingly strong magnetic pull and intense chemistry between twin flames that can feel both exhilarating and utterly terrifying. When twin flames meet, they experience a deep sense of familiarity with each other, as if they've known each other forever in a past life. Their souls immediately recognize their divine counterpart.

2. Electric Electricity and Chemistry Between Bodies: When twin flames are near each other physically, they feel powerful surges of electricity and energy coursing through their bodies, particularly when making eye contact and casually touching. The magnetic pull between their bodies is incredibly potent. They have a strong urge to merge and become one physically.

3. Sexual Tension at its Peak: The sexual tension between twin flames peaks right from the start and stays extremely intense. They find each other wildly attractive and alluring on every level - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts. Simple actions like a hug or brush of skin can trigger intense arousal.

4. Deep Soulful Connection During Sex: When twin flames make love, they experience a profound soulful connection that transcends the physical. They feel like their souls are merging. Their energetic bodies intertwine and they see flashes of past lifetimes together. Sex with the twin flame is deeply healing, intimate and ecstatic beyond imagination.

5. Difficulty in Separation After Sex: After experiencing the divine connection during sex, it becomes excruciatingly difficult for twin flames to separate from each other both physically and energetically. There is an immense sense of emptiness and longing when apart. It takes lots of willpower not to merge again right after.

6. Recurring Dreams/Visions of Each Other: Due to the intense sexual energy and bond, twin flames often have vivid erotic and emotional dreams about each other, even when physically apart. They may see visions of past lives or karmic patterns. The dreams feel disturbingly real and leave them yearning to reunite.

7. Prolonged Arousal and Orgasmic Experiences: Sexual experiences with the twin flame tend to invoke prolonged states of arousal and expanded orgasmic experiences unlike anything before. Orgasms feel more energetic, euphoric and full-body in nature. The twin flame energies seem to intensify pleasure and magnify sensation.

8. Energy Transfers During Sexual Union: During passionate lovemaking, twin flames experience energy transfers where they feel each other's energies, feelings and even thoughts being exchanged. This helps to further fuse their energetic bodies and progresses their soul journey.

9. Deep Healing of Childhood Wounds: By resolving sexual wounds and traumas through the divine union, twin flames experience accelerated healing. Repressed emotions surface to be felt and integrated. Many gain the self-love, trust and intimacy they always longed for as inner children.

10. Activation and Heightening of Psychic Abilities: The potent energy exchange between twin flames seems to activate, enhance and synchronize their psychic gifts. Many become increasingly telepathically connected, empathic and spiritually awakened after their twin flame experiences. Their soul mission becomes clearer.

The sexual chemistry and energy between twin flames is profoundly powerful and transformative on every level. Their divine union heals, evolves and accelerates their soul's ascension like nothing else.

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